Pálinka Master - one-step distilling unit Pálinka still

Welcome to the realm of Pálinka Master!

We are proud to introduce the pálinka distilling equipment developed by Pálinkafőzés.com and the Hungarian Pálinka Embassy. We have been monitoring and testing the quality and technology of Hungarian and international distillery equipment since pálinka distilling was liberalised in Hungary. As a result of this process and based on market demands we created our own state-of-the-art still.

The aim of Pálinka Master pálinka distilling equipment is to produce according to their best knowledge the proud of the Hungarian people, the high quality fruit pálinka.

 "Pálinka as hungaricum, in itself embodies the talents and instinctive maximalism of the Hungarians by perfecting the fruit spirits for the world.Pálinka making is holy, Hungarian and free!"
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